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Aaron Santmyire APRN-BC, DNP returns to Madagascar

Aaron Santmyire & FamilySeems like I was just posting an article about Aaron’s arrival, and now he is on his way back to Madagascar.

As many of you know, Aaron Santmyire is a nurse practitioner who worked in our office in 2011-12 and returned 2015-2016.  He and Beth Santmyire-Rosenberger are siblings, and yes, Beth is older as everyone likes to remind her.

Aaron’s primary role in life, after husband and father, is that he is a missionary with the Assemblies of God in Madagascar.  He is returning there to continue his work in medicine, as well as sharing the good news of the love of Jesus Christ.

It has been a blessing to have Aaron back in the office.  We enjoyed his positive outlook, his laughter and his wisdom.  He will be missed.  Although we would not want to hinder his work in Madagascar, we hope he will return to work with us again in the near future.  He plans to return to the US again in 2020.

With Aaron’s departure comes change in the office.  The schedule will be tighter, and wait times to get an appointment will likely increase in his absence.  We encourage you to keep your appointments, and please give us plenty of notice if you need to change your appointment.

We will also resume more intensive use of our cancellation list.  To learn more about how it works, you can always reference our website page about appointments. If you have an urgent or emergent need, call the office first thing in the morning (7:30 AM) and ask about a cancellation or ask to be placed on the cancellation list.

Dr. Rosenberger will resume and/or assume continued care of patients who saw Aaron.  If you have any questions about the transition, please do not hesitate to call the office.