One of science's great accidental discoveries!

Some of science and technology’s most important and fun discoveries happen by accident… Penicillin, Xray, Pacemakers, matches, gunpowder, and some of dermatologist’s favorites… vaseline, superglue and Latisse.

Want long thick dark eyelashes?  Latisse is one of those wonderful products that was discovered by accident.  It started as an eye drop for elevated pressure in the eye.  Those who used the eye drop had extreme growth of their eyelashes to the point that the lashes had to be trimmed with scissors in some cases.

Most people see a significant change in their lashes by 4-6 weeks.  Longer. Thicker. Darker. Without Mascara.  Everyone is different in their maintenance protocol.  I advise patients to “play it by ear”.  In essence, get your lashes to the length you desire then back off to every other day or so.  If you lose the desired effect, step it back up.

As far as side effects, most people have a little irritation on the first few days of use with redness along where we normally apply eyeliner.  The discoloration mentioned in the commercials was primarily seen with eye drops.  However, if someone has pristine blue eyes, I do warn them that they may get some permanent brown flecks in those pristine blue eyes with Latisse use, so be forewarned.

I know there are tons of lash products on the market. Nothing is 100%, but Latisse is as close as it gets.  In fair comparison, I have done side to side comparison, Latisse on one eye and other products on the other eye, many times.  Each time, I have had to stop the experiment because it looked just plain ridiculous to have noticeably long lashes on only one eye.  That is the kind of experiment that makes a scientist smile.  No statistics necessary!

If you want to learn more about Latisse, check out the FAQs at their website.

Curious about other accidental scientific discoveries?  Here’s a few articles I found on the subject.

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