We’re Hiring! May 2017

We are looking for a bright new face to join our staff.

SUMMER OFFICE ASSISTANT – Summer is a busy time in the office!  We could use a few extra hands. This position would be a great fit for a student who is interested in medicine to see how an office functions.  The most important qualification is a friendly smile and willingness to fill in wherever needed this summer.  Hours are Monday to Thursday 7AM to 5PM.

There is potential that this position could be extended to a year round position if we find a great asset for our time.  We have a great retirement plan and disability insurance, but we do not offer medical insurance benefits.

Those interested should submit resumes to wvderm@hotmail.com


Xeomin $50 Rebate Offer


Why consider Xeomin today?

  • Xeomin is a competitor to Botox, approved by the FDA in 2011.
  • Xeomin contains the same active ingredient as BOTOX. It is actually a more purified product than the original BOTOX product.
  • Dosing, duration of effect and other clinical measures are the same as BOTOX. Learn more at www.xeominaesthetic.com.
  • Current promotion from the company that makes Xeomin.

$50 prepaid VISA card

VISA card can be used at our office for future treatments or anywhere that accepts VISA online.

Those who take advantage of this offer prior to March 29th can use it a second time for an additional $50 off their second treatment when second treatment is done by June 30th.

To LEARN MORE, check out our BOTOX and XEOMIN page. 

Kybella Promotion. Save $200!

Kybella is the latest cosmetic treatment in our arsenal.  To learn more see my recent blog post.

Allergan, the company that produces BOTOX, Juvederm and now Kybella has a rewards program called Brilliant Distinctions.

For a limited time, they are offering $200 off 2 treatments with Kybella PLUS $100 off BOTOX. See the details below.

Kybella promotion 0516b

Offer ends on June 30th and optimally we should space the Kybella treatments at least 4-6 weeks apart.

So, schedule your first treatment by May 12th and your second treatment by June 30th to take full advantage of the savings!

Cost for each treatment with one vial of Kybella is $1000.  Depending on the amount of fat one has it may take 2-4 treatments to achieve optimal results.


Learn more about Kybella with this video above  and CALL TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT or BOOK YOUR OWN APPOINTMENT ONLINE