Relaxing Muscles to Improve Lines


What is BOTOXBotox is synthetically derived Botulinum Toxin.  It is injected into muscles to relax muscles.  By relaxing muscles and softening facial expressions, it softens and reduces appearance of lines on the face.

What is Xeomin?  Xeomin is a competitive product to BOTOX that was introduced in 2011. It works very similar to BOTOX and is reconstituted and administered exactly the same as BOTOX.

Which product does Dr Rosenberger use the most?  We have used Xeomin in the office since 2014.  Primarily, Dr. Rosenberger uses BOTOX since 2005 because that is the name people know and expect.

Which is better?  Scientifically, maybe Xeomin, but BOTOX has the longevity of use. The BOTOX molecule has a lot of unnecessary accessory proteins attached to it. Xeomin removed those extra proteins.  In real life patient use, the two can be used interchangeably.  We have some patients that prefer one over the other, but that is more individual preference.

Is it safe?  Yes, all Botulinum Toxins are extremely safe when it is REAL product administered by an EXPERIENCED medical professional.

What do you mean “real”?  There is lots of black market product available at a lower cost.  You can know you are receiving real product by verifying that the physician purchases product from the only legitimate source. One quick way is to check the Physician Finder sites for products.  Here is a link for BOTOX and Xeomin.  Check us out.  We’re legit.

What qualifies as experienced?  Well this is harder to judge, but use your gut.  Dr. Rosenberger was trained to administer BOTOX during her residency and received a certificate from her training at a BOTOX®Cosmetic National Education Facility. Personally, Dr Rosenberger has administered well over 5000 BOTOX treatments.  That’s experience.

Any other benefit to picking one or the other?   Pure and simple.  BOTOX and all Allergan products have a rewards program called Brilliant Distinctions.  I encourage my patients to register and take advantage of this.  Xeomin has occasional promotions through what it calls the Xperience Program. 

Check out some of our Before and Afters below.  These are very representative of how the average patient responds.  Note that not everything is perfect in every picture.  We aim to keep you looking normal by accentuating the best version of you!   CLICK ON AN IMAGE TO ENLARGE TO SEE MORE.