Laser Hair Reduction and Laser Vein Reduction

We are pleased to offer over 12 years of hands on experience with treating unwanted hair and veins with Cutera 1064nm NdYag Laser.  After performing hundreds, probably thousands actually, of treatments, we are able to offer predictable and safe results.  Some treatments are performed in combination with Cutera Xeo Intense Pulsed Light.


Laser Hair Reduction

In laser hair reduction, laser light targets the pigment in the hair.  In the skin, hairs are generated by and sit in hair follicles.  The interaction between the laser and the pigment in the hair generates energy in the hair, best described as heat.  This energy is transferred from the hair to the hair follicle.  By damaging the hair follicle, we prevent that hair follicle from generating new hairs in the future. Over a few weeks after the laser treatment, the old hair is pushed out of the hair follicle (this can make it seem like the hair is actually growing).  Once the old hair falls out, no new one grows back.  Because the laser targets the actual hair, the hairs need to be present for the laser to work.  You can shave prior to treatment, but we recommend no waxing or plucking for at least six weeks prior to treatment.  Treatments are scheduled 6-12 weeks apart, enough time to allow a new group of hairs to grow.  Many factors influence hair growth cycle, such as age, weight, ethnicity, hormones, diet, medications, metabolism and stress.  Each area can require 6 treatments to effectively remove the hairs.  To learn more visit our Laser Hair Reduction page.

Laser Vein Reduction

In Laser Vein Reduction, the laser targets blood in the blood vessels.  The interaction produces energy, which is best described and feels like heat, that damages the wall of the blood vessel.  Once the blood vessel wall is damaged the blood vessel often immediately collapses.  This leads to the deceiving appearance that the blood vessel is immediately removed.  Actually, the blood vessel will be reabsorbed by the body over 6-8 weeks.  While face vein treatments often have no down time, leg veins ofter look worse initially and require 2-3 months to look good.

To learn more visit our Laser Vein Reduction Page.