Accentuating your natural beauty



We are pleased to offer over 12 years of experience in injecting fillers to achieve a natural result, revealing the best you!  Dr Rosenberger aims to not alter your appearance, but instead accentuate and augment your natural features.

We offer a wider range of fillers including the Juvederm and Restylane family of products as well as Sculptra. We purchase our fillers directly from the manufacturers.  We NEVER use cheaper, adulterated alternatives.

Check out some of our Before and Afters below.  These are very representative of how the average patient responds.  Note that not everything is perfect in every picture. One concern patients often have is how the filler will look as it wears off and fades away, so some of the series of photos address this concern. Lines will gradually reappear, and we retreat as needed, usually at 6-9 months.  We aim to keep you looking normal, accentuating the best version of you!   CLICK ON AN IMAGE TO ENLARGE TO SEE MORE.