with Cutera Xeo

We are pleased to continue offering Intense Pulsed Light treatments with Cutera Xeo in our office since 2005.  Wow, that’s a long time!  All those years of experience pay off for our patients.  We have an excellent concept of what will and will not respond best to Intense Pulsed Light.  We also know and understand that other treatments may be more efficient and less expensive, so we often recommend those first.

Intense Pulsed Light treatments use multiple wavelengths of light to target multiple things in the skin simultaneously.  In contrast, a true laser (see our 1064 NdYag page) uses a single wavelength of light for more specific targeting of structures in the skin.

We most often use and recommend Intense Pulsed Light to treat those with rosacea who have persistent and troublesome redness that has been unresponsive to topical and oral treatments.  Since rosacea is a progressive and multifaceted condition, Intense Pulsed Light is just one modality used to bring rosacea under control.  Treatments are spaced 6 weeks to 6 months apart.  Often three treatments are recommended initially 6-12 weeks apart followed by maintenance every 4-6 months.  Some insurance companies cover these treatments for rosacea, but it is often an out of pocket cost. To learn more about rosacea and treatments for rosacea, see our updated rosacea handout.  Rosacea 2017

Intense Pulsed Light is often marketed to treat brown spots.  However, it is neither the most effective or cost effective method to treat brown spots.  For brown spots, Dr. Rosenberger recommends a regimen including tretinoin/retinol, hydroquinone and zinc containing sunscreen.  There are great options for treating brown spots in the ZO Skin Care line.

For best success, and to limit risk of adverse events, patients must avoid significant sun exposure especially in the 1 week prior to treatment.  Dr. Rosenberger will postpone a treatment if a patient arrives with too much recent sun exposure.  There is little to no downtime.  Sunscreen is applied prior to patient leaving the office.

Check out some of our Before and Afters below.  These are very representative of how the average patient responds.  Note that not everything is perfect in every picture.    CLICK ON AN IMAGE TO ENLARGE TO SEE MORE.