DSC_2408Our doctors would like to discuss your lab and biopsy results in person. You will likely be asked to return to the office for your results. This way we can educate you regarding the results of the test and modify your treatment plan as necessary.  To ensure your privacy and to provide the best medical care, we prefer to not give results over the phone.  To learn more, read Dr Rosenberger’s story below.

Dr Rosenberger’s Story

While training as a dermatologist I learned a lot about skin cancer symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. When I found a bump on my left cheek in my hairline that bled spontaneously one day, I knew I needed a biopsy. I consulted with my dermatologist who performed a biopsy in his office. Because I am a doctor, I asked to have the lab fax the results to me.

When I read the diagnosis, BASAL CELL CARCINOMA, my heart raced and a lump welled up in my throat. ” I have cancer”, I said to myself. Having explained this diagnosis to many patients and having removed many such cancers from patients in the past, I knew exactly what the diagnosis meant. I would need surgery. My then 30 year old face would now be adorned with a scar for the rest of my life. Even more frightening was the thought that I probably had many more such cancers to come. I was very upset. I cried.

I had my basal cell carcinoma removed by Mohs surgery, and my scar is barely detectable;that is not the point of this story.

When I read the diagnosis of cancer, it was difficult for me to process and cope despite my abundant knowledge of the diagnosis. When informing patients of their diagnoses, I want to be there. I want to comfort, reassure, educate and cry with them. A diagnosis of cancer deserves an office visit. It deserves my time, attention and expertise.

For those whose biopsies do not reveal a cancer, I want the opportunity to check the wound. More importantly, I would like the opportunity to celebrate with them and educate them about their diagnosis as well.

Why do I make my patients return for their biopsy results? Because I care.