I have to admit that microneedling was a buzz word that I didn’t pay much attention to at first.  However, my eyes were opened a little when I attended the American Academy of Dermatology Conference.  There were numerous vendors selling microneedling devices and solutions.  I quickly realized that this was a trend much larger than I realized.  I also quickly realized that writing about the topic would be daunting.  Why?  The microneedling industry varies greatly from at home procedures with devices purchased on Amazon to aggressive in office procedures.

What is it?  Microneedling is a procedure where a roller device with a varying number of needles of varying length is rolled over the skin.  The intent is to generate thousands of microscopic holes of injury where new skin will be regenerated.  Regeneration of new skin can improve the texture tone and appearance of the skin.

Who comes up with these things?  Microneedling was first described in 1995 by Orentreich, but has recently gained extensive popularity and attention in the cosmetic realm.  Major advances in the field have been in the past ten years by Dr. Desmond Fernandez of South Africa.

What conditions are treated with microneedling?  A little bit of everything. Scarring of any kind, acne scarring, pigmentation problems, skin texture and tone, sun damaged skin, wrinkles and more are all addressed with this technique.  We have also seen great results for those with many milia and with sebaceous gland hyperplasia.

Who makes the devices?  The leaders in the industry are the Dermapen and Dermaroller  .  I found this article of the “Top 10 Micro-Needling False Claims of Micro-Needling Sellers”  to be very informative. The devices can vary GREATLY.  If you are considering buying one or having a treatment, I would encourage you to check out these three links.

Should you do this at home?  According to my research, done mainly on the web, because there is not a lot in the medical literature, lots of people do this at home, in spas, in salons and everywhere in between.  The biggest risk is further scarring, infection and worsening of skin disease or the skin condition to be treated.   The other issue is pain and bleeding which may not be well controlled at home.  I would be VERY cautious before I did this at home or outside a dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office.

Derma Pen






Do we do this in the office? and what device do you use?   Yes, we perform microneedling with Dermapen3, the industry’s most advanced device worldwide.  This automated device uses a disposable, and thus safe and sterile, needle cartridge containing twelve 33 Guage needles.  The device oscillates and moves the needle cartridge to insert hundreds of holes per second during a treatment session.  During and after the procedure we will apply a series of topical agents to infuse them into the holes or channels that have been made.

DP Dermaceutical Products

What should I expect post procedure?    You should be able to return to normal activities and work.  It is recommended that you avoid heavy exercise for 2 days.  We must wait 2 weeks before and after microneedling to perform other procedures.  We will prescribe a post care regimen of DP Dermaceuticals to be use after your procedure to ensure the most effective treatment and quickest recovery.

Is it painful? and what about all that bleeding?  When administered correctly with the advanced Dermapen3 and topical numbing medication, pain and bleeding are very minimal.  Dr Rosenberger has treated her own self, so it can’t be too bad.

If you are considering Microneedling in the office, I recommend you download our microneedling packet. Read it, fill it out and bring it in on the day of your procedure.

To learn more about the Dermapen3, check out the video below.

PLEASE NOTE.  There is an extensive amount of controversy and litigation in the microneedling industry.    There is extensive controversy between Dermapen USA and Dermapen World, surrounding questions about trademark and patents.   In essence, DermapenWorld does not have the trademark to distribute its products.  Good news is …we got a superior device prior to the controversy.

Because we like to be open about controversy, we encourage you to read the following articles before pursuing microneedling treatments.  I know these articles would interest me if I were a patient.  However, we continue to acknowledge Dermapen World as the worldwide leader in microneedling.  Dermapen3 is a safe, superior and effective device.

http://dermapen.com/dermapen-3/  In this article, the company that currently owns the Dermapen trademark is very critical of other devices.

FDA’s preliminary statement regarding microneedling devices.  The FDA indicates that…” At the time of issuance of this draft guidance, microneedling devices do not fall within any classification regulation, and there is no legally marketed predicate device upon which to base a determination of substantial equivalence. ”

Microneedling:FDA Fact or Fiction is an article written by a lawyer reminding us that currently            NO MICRONEEDLING DEVICES ARE FDA APPROVED IN THE UNITED STATES.