Painted Rocks

Cool Family Fun!

I realize this blog post is totally frivolous and has nothing to do with dermatology, except maybe a warning about watching for poison ivy and poisonous insects while hunting painted rocks.  I’ll try to be more educational next time.  Next blog post will focus on the harmful effects of blue light on the skin, including blue light emitting from the screen where you are reading this post.   So cover your face and stay tuned for next week if you like the serious stuff.  If you like cool, cheap family fun, keep reading!

First of all, let me say that I am not often early to the game of exciting new trends.  I am usually way far behind. However, I think I am pretty early to the game of “Painted Rock Hiding” thanks to my daughter Lily and a good friend Missy Mohr.  Well, maybe not so early, the  Marion County WV Rocks (MCWVR) facebook page has 3500 followers!

On Sunday, we joined another friend to celebrate her birthday at Dairy Cream Corner.  (Did I mention that despite living in Fairmont for 12 years this was my FIRST trip to DCC – crazy!.)  While there, the kids were running around acting silly when my daughter Lily found something under a bench.  She ran up to us showing it and Missy immediately excitedly said… “You found a painted rock!”. And that is when the excitement began….   Always good to have children and cool friends to make life more interesting!  Introduction to DCC and painted rocks all in one day.

We started looking on facebook and indeed it was an official painted rock.  Surprisingly, there are a few local Facebook pages for this including:  Marion County WV Rocks (MCWVR) and Fairmont, WV Rock Painting (FWVRP).  Next we were heading up to South Ridge Church, so we thought we would rehide the rock there.  While there, we found two more rocks!  Now, this was getting fun.  Still unsure of the whole process, we just moved the two new rocks around then, but now I understand how it works.

It seems, anyone can paint a rock, hide it, post a picture and a clue of where it is hidden.  Anyone can find them.  Some rocks, like the first one we found, have a code letting you know what facebook page you can repost info about it on and who hid it.  The first rock we found also said to rehide it.  The second rocks we found did not include any of this info.  I think the first way is more fun because you can see who finds your rocks and where they travel.

Cheap, simple, outdoor fun!  Now that is a great fun addition to summer if you ask me.  And yes, we plan to paint some rocks this weekend and hide them!  Have you found or hid any rocks?

ALSO!  REMINDER!  We will be honoring and celebrating Cosmetologists and Beauticians at our Cosmetology night THIS WEEK.  Thursday  June 29th from 6-8PM.  Our special guest will be world renown makeup artist, Jeffrey Tasker.  For more details, see our facebook event page “Cosmetology Night” or call the office.  All are welcome!

This is a photo from when the first person hid the rock Lily found by accident.