Pharmacy and Prescriptions

The FASTEST way to receive a refill is by using the patient portal or the healow app.

Patient Portal: Log in.  On the left panel, you will see REFILL REQUESTS.  This request will be sent directly to the provider. The provider will respond to your request, send the refill to the pharmacy you indicated, and send you a confirmation message.

healow app:  Once logged in, on the circle, click on MEDICATIONS, once you have added your medications under MY MEDS, you can REQUEST A REFILL by clicking on the (+) button.

Prescription refills: Our doctors will prescribe and provide enough medication and refills to treat you and your condition until your next scheduled appointment. If you miss your follow up appointment and have exhausted your medication supply, please call or message the office for refills.  If it has been more than one year since your last appointment, or if your medication requires more frequent office visits or laboratory studies, you may be denied refills over the phone.  Once a refill has been sent to the pharmacy, our automated messaging system will send you a message to let you know it has been sent.

Pharmacy Issues: If your pharmacy denies the prescription or if the medication requires prior authorization, you must actively participate to help us in this process.  Please ask the pharmacy staff to fax us a request. If you do not hear from us within 24 business hours of your pharmacy sending us a request, CALL or MESSAGE US DIRECTLY.   Under most circumstances we avoid calling insurance companies regarding patient prescriptions and authorizations; we try to handle these issues by fax and online. This way we can best use our time to serve you and other patients, instead of waiting for hours on hold. PLEASE NOTE that prior authorization may require as much as two weeks. Although we actively address these requests each day, we have no control over the insurance company procedures and lengthy authorization processes.

Medication Cost:  Our doctors try to prescribe medications that will have an affordable out of pocket cost to you.  In many cases, the cost of dermatologic prescriptions has skyrocketed.   We attempt to keep the cost of medications under $50 per prescription.  If your prescriptions are not affordable, please call the office or send us a message through the portal.  We have lots of ways to help you receive your medication at a more affordable price.   When medications are too expensive we often recommend that you use a mail order pharmacy.  Our staff will direct you to the mail order pharmacy that may best meet your needs.  The two mail order pharmacies we use most often are  Loudoun Family Pharmacy (   571-291-2896)  and  GenRx (  844-436-7928).