Looking for great skin care products?  Look no further than The SPRING Boutique.  This in-office boutique features a number of skin care brands and products including ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical, Cetaphil, Latisse, Fallene, EltaMDFabulae Nebulae and more.  Dr Rosenberger has over 15 years of experience professionally evaluating products for scientific effectiveness.  The Spring Boutique offers her favorites!  A wide variety of products are available to provide the best to women, men and kids! We have a product testing and sampling area, so you can feel and smell the products before you buy them.  Come in and check out this exciting and fun area of our office.

Our knowledgeable staff is trained by Dr Rosenberger and ZO Skin Health to help guide you in your skin care product selection.  If you would like an in depth consultation on skin care product selection, you can schedule a cosmetic consultation.