The latest innovation of Dr. Zein Obagi, creator of OBAGI products.

The OBAGI line was originally developed in the 80s, so it is time for something NEW!

I am very excited to have something NEW to use myself as well as to have some different advanced products to offer patients! We will be slowly phasing out the OBAGI lines.


Better ingredients – The new line incorporates the technology, ingredients and delivery systems that are available today and that are on the cutting edge for tomorrow.

Better People – The original OBAGI line was sold to a larger company years ago.   The ZO skin line is back in the hands of Dr. Obagi.  He and the sales force are committed to the success of this new line.  To learn more about Dr. Obagi’s transition from OBAGI to ZO Skin Health check out this article.

Better pricing – Within the ZO line there are many products that are comparable (yet updated and improved) to the original OBAGI NuDerm and Vitamin C lines.  These ZO products are less costly than the current OBAGI products, sometimes  as much as a 50% savings.   The brand new products are more costly, but offer new technology and advances.

Better science – Dr. Obagi is smart and has been at this much longer than I have.  He has many years of experience in anti-aging and treating pigmentation issues.  Over time, he has tailored his products, protocols and recommendations to avoid developing excessive irritation to tretinoin (RetinA) and to avoid developing resistance to the bleaching cream products.


1-Visit the ZO website –www.zoskinhealth.com.  It has lots of information and a short informative video available in the large blue box on the home page.

2-Watch Dr. Obagi himself explain the concepts and groundbreaking science behind his new skin care line in webinars or on his You Tube channel.

3-At your next visit, I can help you transition to ZO as you finish up your current OBAGI products.

4- Excited to get started?  You can shop my online ZO Skin Health store.  Current patients will just need to call the office to get an access code to place an order.


I think you will find this a positive and exciting change as I have thus far!